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Name: Auto Giant
Züchter: Dutch Quality
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: ruderalis/indica/sativa
Blütezeit: Automatisch blühend
~74 Tage (von der Keimung bis zur Ernte.)

Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

Dutch Quality Seeds - Auto Giant

Several breeders are still working with different approaches - and obtaining different results - to create an automatic Critical Mass. One of these attempt came very close to hit the target, obtaining an incredibly big yielder strain, but not 100% AF. To correct this problem it was backcrossed with the LR#2 obtaining again a 100% AF strain with a really satisfactory yield, but not exceptional as the starting hybrid.
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Type: Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis Hybrid
Height: 70˜90cm indoor; 90˜120 outdoor
Flowering Time: 8/9 weeks
Harvest Time: 10/11 weeks from seed
Yield: 350˜450g/mq indoor; 70-90g/plant outdoor
Active Content: THC nd, CBD nd

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› Auto Giant (Dutch Quality Seeds)

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