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Name: Auto Chingón
Züchter: Biohazard Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: ruderalis/indica/sativa
Blütezeit: Automatisch blühend
~75 Tage (von der Keimung bis zur Ernte.)

Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

Biohazard Seeds - Auto Chingón

Using the best genetics from their own Auto Somachigun and Deimos Auto strains to make Auto Chingon weed seeds, has enabled Biohazard Seed Bank to create a variety of marijuana that is high yielding and fast flowering but still full of delicious THC. These easy to grow autoflowering cannabis seeds are really hardy, especially considering their small stature. But each and every plant is just littered with an abundance of beautiful compact buds that are brimming with flavoursome resin.

Make the most of that intense fruity flavour by adding up to 30% cocoa into her soil, making that beautiful balance of physical and cerebral effect totally enchanting.

In just 75 days of growing cannabis indoors, yields of up to 450 g/m2 are achievable, even for growers with very little experience. And with plants only ever reaching about 50cm in height indoor, Auto Chingon can be as discreet as she is delectable. If you´re growing your autos outdoor then Auto Chingon will reach a taller height of up to 120 cm and bring in 50 - 120 gr of this delicious weed at harvest.

Medicinal users, novices and experienced growers are all going to love Auto Chingon weeds seeds that are designed to cure all number of ills.

Genetic Origin: Auto Somachigun x Deimos
Flowering time: Short - 75 days seed to harvest
Yield: Medium - 450 gr m2 indoor / 50-120 gr pp outdoor
Height: Short - 50 cm indoor / 120 cm outdoor

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