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Auto AK47
Mudro Seeds
indoor, outdoor
~70 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Auto AK by Mudro Seeds is a full-fledged hybrid of such, all known varieties like AK and Lowryder. Hybridization of this species took quite a long time, which is why the result surpassed all expectations.

We present to you one of the most powerful autoflowering varieties of hemp seed with the heaviest-killer effect. Many people have heard about this variety. Many even managed to "give a turn from another AK47", but ...

But the return from AUTO AK-47 Mudro Seeds is even tougher, even stronger, even more palpable. All the previous AK45, AK46 and subsequent AK48, AK49 can only envy this new incredibly strong hybrid.

The simplicity of this variety (like the simplicity of the legendary weapon) allows you to "assemble this AK 47" and "salabons" and "dabels" of grooving.

The growth of this hybrid allows it to be a "universal" variety, conquering almost any soil and space. Just 3 weeks after the beginning of growth, AK-47 enters the active phase of flowering, culminating in impressive resinous cones with intense sweet aroma.

This grade Auto AK47 ripens and achieves optimum dimensions in the presence of high-quality and high-grade lighting. In the aroma of this variety, the genetics of AK dominates. It is therefore that it has a strong aroma with a pronounced fruit shade adorned with lemon notes.

Do not forget that the AK 47 is a real weapon. Therefore, you need to handle it carefully and responsibly, remembering the hard and lasting effect of "bestowal."

Genetics: AK-47 x Lowryder
Harvesting from seed 70 days
Harvest: 40 - 100 grams
Height: 40 - 80 cm

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