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Alien OG Kush
Aficionado Seed Bank
indoor, outdoor
mostly indica
~60 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

F2-Version of Alien OG (The Cali Connection)
...test and breed in mountain climate...

Alien OG is a strain that is truly out of this world. Alien OG has an earthy and pungent flavor with floral undertones. What makes Alien OG an extraterrestrial strain is it can help one relieve stress, depression and pain while not knocking you out! Alien OG is a wonderful anytime strain that energizes you while leaving your with a clear head. It is also great for those who need a creative boost as it will increase your focus and your creativity.

Alien OG is a grower's dream. With Tahoe OG and Alien Kush parents, it has perfect, big nugs that are covered in crystals and shine like diamonds! These flowers are dense and have light leaf coverage, making the trim job easy and fun! Alien OG produces mass amounts of orange hairs, making it a delight to watch grow! With a high yield, and a short height, it makes growers even more excited to get this strain in their garden!

Alien OG definitely has that trademark OG smell (lemon pine freshness) and the buds are a very pleasant green, with heavy doses of trichomes. That being said, I enjoyed the medicating session and it was perfect for the late night numbing effect I love from most OG strains.

This is the Cali classic in Regular seed form.

Variety: HYBRID Indica Dom
THC: Content 26-28%
CBD Content:: 2.5%
Yield: Above Averege
Flowering Time 55-65 days

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