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Alien Bubba Crack
Riot Seeds
mostly indica
~60 Tage
Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

Green Crack x Obsoul33t's Alien Formaggio from Happy Haole seeds Mother hit with a reversed Pre98 Bubba Female. SO where to begin, the structure on the Green Crack x Alien Formaggio is really impressive. Has some killer hybrid vigor, very sweet mango smell of green crack and the yield of a skunk with some heavy Alien funk notes. This crossed to the Pre98 Reversed Female mother will bring on major Indica influence and HEAVY HEAVY resin production with possibly one of the most WHOPPING narcotic highs. This strain will definitely be what you're looking for if you want a PERFECT plant with Alien genetics. We've grown over 10 "Alien Tech" hybrids in about 20 something plants opver the pst few yrs and this as well as one Alien Dog V2 that we used in our Alien Swindle have made excellent progeny. So if you're sick of wasting your money trying to find an alien hybrid worth growing, this is the place to stop.

8-9 Weeks, Moderate to heavy yield, again tons of frost and purple/black potential.

A huge sout out to Obsoul33t for his version of Alien Formaggio. 2 words. Fucking KILLER. Accept NO imitatio

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