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Afghani Lights
Crazy Diamonds
indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
mostly indica
~58 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

To be able to sit and watch the Northern Lights of Canada one can't help but relax and be filled with a certain feeling of euphoria. You too will have the same feelings as you watch this gal take off and flourish right
before your very eyes.

The 95/5 Indica/Sativa hybrid comes from the joining of a strain used extensively for testing to determine viability of medicinal marijuana specifically for relaxation and blissfulness and one of the finest top ranking indicas in the world.

Afghani Lights is land race Afghani crossed with Northern Lights #5. Both have well established reputations for being fast, easy growing indoor strains that come harvest time will bestow upon their caretaker copiousis amounts of product and almost unbelievable amounts of resin.

Grower Results:
"Babies are doing well, all 7 popped and in peat pellets now"
"Really nice looking strain"
"So far they are growing great and have good vigor"
"The three of these I have in flower are kicking along great. They are looking very NL Dom.
They are the tallest plants that I have right now between 3-4ft at 27 or so days flower."

Expected Results:
Flowering: 55-60 days
Height: 1 meter
Yield: 375-425 gm/m2

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