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Afghan Princess
TreeTown Seeds
mostly indica
~45 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

C99 “Princess” the be all. The seed finished early and it’s clone finishes in just under 40 days. The space apple fruit, with a hint of purple, makes this the hands down connoisseur strain. More difficult to grow than most, but worth it. Short in days, and height, this is 1 of our top 3 mothers. We decided to make this a HarborSide, Oakland Exclusive strain. That means you can only get it at that location.

Crossed with the Afghani, to give it vigor and some height. We found it also changed the bud structure. It also made the trichomes taller, and more suited for hash production. Aside from that it turned out to be even more special.

This is a fast maturing strain, and letting flowering go too long is not advised. 6-7 weeks is perfect from seed. We found that most were right around Day 45. They don’t require much fertilizer, and deal well with drought, and mites. They have great bud structure, so we never encountered a problem mold. They stretch very little after flower, so a proper Veg time is critical.

A pink hue can be seen covering the buds, along with wall to wall trichomes, and the taste follows suit. A light vapory fruit purple strikes you, then on exhale a full huge deep flavor of sweet almost citrus fruit, with a hint of purple/pink. A delight to look at as well as take in. A Masterpiece.

20% Sativa / 80% Indica
(Brothers Grimm C99 x Sensi Seeds Afghani #1) F1
42-49 days from seed
30" to 42", 1.5 - 2.5" internode spacing
240+ G/Sq. Meter / 320+ Peak
Spacing Suggested is 10-12 in 16 Sq'

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