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Insane Seed Posse
indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
mostly indica
~58 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Pre-Invasion Afghan x Space Dawg

Background: The Pre-Invasion Afghan mother was obtained on the upper trade routes of the Indus River in Pakistan, in late 1977 / early 1978, by Ohsogreen, during a Hash Deal. Prior to his acquisition of it (Enabled by the real threat of the Soviet Invasion into Afghanistan), this pure land race, seldom touched an outsiders hands.

Years later, around 1990 a Sensi Seeds Afghan # 1 male was used to refine this old line. The mother chosen was an F-4 of that cross. She was very resinous, stable and produced better weight than her sisters.

The father was carefully selected from F-1's of Space Dawg, which Subcool made using his Space Queen male (Space Dude) and Chem's Super Snowdawg female.

The potency of Chem's Super Snowdawg, coupled with the resin production of Subcool's Space Queen, made a really nice combination all on it's own. The only thing Space Dawg was lacking, was good structure.

The Pre-Invasion Afghan mother took care of that. A-Dawg is easy to grow indoors, in a greenhouse or outside. It clones well, has a predominant column like growth pattern, and very little side branching. It works great in SOG setups, or can be concealed easily outdoors.

Phenotypes (2)
Pheno # 1 - shows up 70 % of the time. It's growth pattern is very column like, with very little side branching. Sativa dominant in effect, with respectable yields. A solid 7 to 7.5 on anyone's potency scale.

Pheno # 2 - shows up 30 % of the time. This one grows one set of true leaves, then branches into 3 or 4 separate branches on it's own. Don't cull this one, assuming she's a mutant you will not like. She grows wider / shorter than than Pheno # 1, but still produces similar weight. Her real payoff is the potency, which hits a solid 8.

Height: determined by veg time
Stretch: 1/4 to 1/2 (minimal stretch)
Resin Profile: Copious Resin
Odour Description: Pungent, Zesty Citrus, with a hint of Diesel
Flavor Description: Earthy, Citrus / Fruity, and Diesel
High Type: Soaring head high. Stupefying if over toked.

Indoor flowering 55 to 60 days

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