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Beheimatet in Spanien.

Now running the ultimate seed website, Original Sensible Seeds have evolved into the Original Seeds Store. Worldwide shipping, with discreet standard & stealth options. More seed and strain specs than any other store. Shop in your local currency with every device and search our huge cannabis seeds bank with ease.

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  • Qualität der Produkte: 7.99 7.99
  • Lieferdauer: 7.63 7.63
  • Kundenservice: 6.93 6.93
  • Im Durchschnitt: 7.52 7.52
    (auf einer Scala zwischen 0 und 10 Punkten)

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Original Seeds Store wurde vom SeedFinder als "grün" eingestuft. Das bedeutet, dass wir diesen Shop uneingeschränkt empfehlen können! Besser geht's nicht. Btw... Dieser Shop ist im SeedFinder als Züchter gelistet, auch kannst du Preise und Angebote für 2015 Sorten dieses Shops finden! Tipp: Im Moment gibt es auch 997 reduzierte Cannabis-Sorten bei dieser seedbank!


benutzer Rezensionen Wohin geliefert? Datum Q F S Im Durchschnitt
used litecoin ordered on the 7th oct . got here on the 24 of oct. sent a extra seed! of blueberry 99! will order from them anytime. Cheers
Vereinigte Staaten Oktober 2019 10 9 10 9.67
Hat alles super geklappt und war nach 4 Tagen da
Deutschland Juni 2019 10 10 10 10.00
Second time I order from OSS. This time delivery took a little longer but it was Christmas time, so that was expected.
Nice stelth and some extra seeds in the bag.

All and all really happy!
Schweden Januar 2019 9 8 10 9.00
the seeds arent in original packages, they are in little plastic bags with a printed label. Doenst look very trustworthy..
Deutschland Oktober 2018 3 8 0 3.67
first i ordered a pack of 3 seeds from flash seeds. 1 week After i get payed, they emailed me saying that don´t had that seeds in stock. The solution was change the order by a cheaper seeds and they never refund my money back
Portugal September 2018 0 2 1 1.00
no problem
Türkei Juli 2018   7 9 8.00
Ordered from them the 28/5 got delivery to Sweden 1/6 (4 days, thats fast!) forgotten to add my free seeds at checkout. Sent a support message telling them I forgotten to add them, they replied fast and added the free seeds manually!
Payed with BTC that went smooth and chose the stealth option. And I cant complain about the stealth, the seeds was wrapped in a bandanna nice and discrete!

Got some extra seeds in my pack (excluding the free ones), maybe cus it was a bulk size :D

Overall a really good experience!
Schweden Juni 2018 10 8 10 9.33
delivery has not reached me
Türkei Juni 2018   2 3 2.50
Ordered from them the 28/5 got delivery to Sweden today 1/6 (4 days, thats fast!) forgotten to add my free seeds at checkout. Sent a support message telling them I forgotten to add them, they replied fast and added the free seeds manually!
Payed with BTC that went smoth and chose the stelth option. And I cant complain about the stelth, the seeds was wrapped in a bandanna nice and discrete!

Got some extra seeds in my pack (excluding the free ones), maybe cus it was a bulk size :D

The seeds are under germination now so unless something is really wrong with the seeds Im a happy costumer!
Overall a really good experience!
Schweden Juni 2018   9 10 9.50
Excellent and discreet packaging (no such thing as too much bubble wrap when it comes to seeds). Products arrived in about 10 days from placing the order (standard mail), exactly as described, and in perfect condition. Thank you...
Griechenland Mai 2018 8 9 7 8.00
so lame delivery but nice free seed
Türkei April 2018 8 0 0 2.67
I was worried about my order after looking at reviews online about this company..but they had a auto strain I wanted to run (purple Haze) after seeing the all the bad reviews I contacted them for reassurance they emailed me back in a timely fashion and assured me that they are legit.. anyways my package came in about 10 days from the day I ordered and the seeds look strong the freebie is kind of small but it looks mature..Ill be writing an update review in a couple months in the quality of the product
Vereinigte Staaten März 2018   10 10 10.00
Griechenland März 2018 10 10 10 10.00
Well I gave these dirt bags months to make it right, but, after they had no problem charging my card for $192.00 . my order status from march 22 untill early May, said:prosessing order (for a month and a half) then in May , my order status said:Cancelled!? I then e-mailed them and their response was that they were going to have my money put back on my card , but, it could take as long as 90 days . ( I s#!# you not)!! And they said"" is there anything else we can help you with?) WOW. After emailing thoes bastard thieves 100s of times ..their response were the same... I told them to make it right somehow! Just send me some gear $192.00 they owe me but, i said just at least do somthing for screwing me out of almost $200.00 THESE BASTARDS ARE THIEVES. BELIEVE ME THEY STOLE MY HARD EARNED MONEY RAN MY CARD FOR 192.00 IN MARCH 2017 ITS NOW JANUARY 2018.I am more than reasonable and patient!!!! OriginalSensiableSeeds RIPPED ME OFF!! PUNK LIERS. JUST TO LET YOU ALL KNOW. ReBoMaN
Vereinigte Staaten Januar 2018 8 8 8 8.00
Quick delivery, havent used yet will update later
Irland September 2017 10 10   10.00
all good only I seed failed to pop, will order again
Irland August 2017 10 5   7.50
The seeds are really fresh, 100% germination rate. right now i have 3 DNA genetics 60 day lemon, 1 royal cheese auto, 1 chronic thunder and 1 original cheese. all of then are going very well.
Brasilien Juli 2017 10 8 10 9.33
Got around 15 seeds from the clearance section, took 25 days to get here by regular mail, and I live in Brazil. The seeds are fresh though it was seeds from the clearance, 100% germination rate, so far I am enjoying a lot the auto original sensible cheese that I got for free. The Barneys Farm Chronic Thunder is good too, and the 3 60 day Lemon By DNA are amazing. I strongly recommend. I will order again
Brasilien Juni 2017 10 7 9 8.67
I used Bitcoin to order 1 Grapegum arrived cracked and I took a picture of it sent it to customer service never heard back from them wrote another email and said Id appreciate their response no response
Vereinigte Staaten Juni 2017 0 10 0 3.33
I decided to buy from Original sensible seeds because of their clearence seeds section, i bought seeds from DNA genetics, barneys farm and other major breeders. Usually i buy seeds only from HIPERSEMILLAS, but they had such good prices that i decided to try. It took 30 days to arrive, but the seeds are great and i got 2 original sensible cheese, plus lots of freebies that i chose.
Brasilien Mai 2017 9 6 9 8.00
Would order again!
Vereinigte Staaten April 2017 10 10 10 10.00
My order was standard shipping. Seized by customs.
They promised to reship the order, so that I would be happy!
It took them some time to get all the items back in stock, and I did remind them once. but then THEY RESENT THE 150$ ORDER WITHOUT ME PAYING FOR INSURANCE.

Congrats to them. Received it fine under stealth shipping.

Vereinigte Staaten April 2017 9 3 10 7.33
Cant actually say anything bad about. Descent service, response time usually 24hrs max, shipping 3-4 days, huge offer and good prices. Highly recommended!
Vereinigtes Königreich März 2017 9 10 10 9.67
Customer Service always reply within 48 hrs, very friendly and helpful . I live in the USA and got my order withinin 9 days. Has the best prices by far and free stealth mailing... they have been around since the 90s, they are doing something right.... Im ?
Vereinigte Staaten März 2017 8 10 10 9.33
 Do not order from this company their customer service is horrendous. I ordered 35 seeds from them at a bulk rate. I received yellowish, cracked, discolored, very poor quality seeds. Only three out of the 35 germinated. I took photographs of the seeds and emailed the company, and they responded with a very insulting email asking me to give them detailed photographic evidence of how I was germinating the seeds,as if I have no idea what Im doing. Even with the photos that I sent them, clearly showing that their seeds were no good, they refused to send me a new batch. Vereinigte Staaten Februar 2017 0 10 0 3.33
 worst service I got from an online company !!
I ordered a package from them more that two month ago and it still did not arrive.
when I contacted the costumer service they just wrote me back that only if they will get the package back, they will resend it.
its not the service that I expect from a worldwide company.
Do yourself a favor and just dont !!
Israel Februar 2017   0 0 0.00
 Ordered a couple of Reclining Buddha seeds and got no germination success!
They say they cant guarantee product quality, they can only guarantee seeds are fresh and from good breeders.
I can guarantee them im not buying here anything else from this store.
  Januar 2017 0 9 5 4.67
 i made multiple orders iv received all of them except one which either hasnt arrived yet or has been jacked/lost along the way. The orders took really long to arrive but i blame the Spanish and my local postal system for that as i can see when it was posted from OSS side. All the seeds came undamaged and discreetly packaged. my first pack of Master Kush all failed to germinate i think due to my poor germination method,since swapping to the paper towel method all my seeds have germinated. Good customer service responding in good time and meeting my special requests. nice free seeds included. i can fully recommend Original Seeds. - Dj Kinetics Südafrika Januar 2017 9 6 10 8.33
 Sehr ordentlich verpackt, tolle Gratis-Samen und ein sehr guter Preis. Bin insgesamt zufrieden =) Deutschland Januar 2017   8 10 9.00
 Hi guys received my order but no free seed as stated ????? Vereinigtes Königreich Dezember 2016   6   6.00
 friendly,fast n best products

Deutschland Dezember 2016 10 10 10 10.00
 Nice find, Original Seeds showed cheapest for LSD seeds on here, so went for them, order arrived in a few days and was all present and correct. Cant complain at all and thanks for the extras, nice service and will use again Vereinigtes Königreich November 2016 10 10 10 10.00
 arrived in 14 days in good condition discreetly packaged Südafrika November 2016 10 9 9 9.33
 Found through an article on Herb, they seem to promote good companies so thought Id try Original Seeds. Really impressed with the range and prices were all good. Went for the stealth shipping and it got here un-touched and in under 10 days. I asked the company for some help choosing seeds through their helpdesk and got great advise, so am happy to recommend these guys Vereinigte Staaten November 2016 10 10 10 10.00
 Yup impressed. Seems like Original Sensible / Original Seeds Store, however theyre called now have got it sorted. Prices good got my delivery faster than other times. Had to make a change to my order and support were helpful and fast. Cool, Im happy and will be back Vereinigte Staaten Oktober 2016 10 9 10 9.67
 Paquete discreto. Pedí la opción sin tracking o rastreo, correo normal. Demoró más de un mes a Chile, pero llegó. La próxima vez compraré por correo con rastreo...¡Se sufre mucha angustia!!! Jajaja. Recomiendo esta tienda 100% por variedad de catálogo (surtido) tienen cepas y bancos para todos los gustos, buena plataforma de pagos que funciona para América(aceptan Euros y Dólares por ejemplo). Envié mail preguntando por la demora en la entrega, y aunque fuera un "copy/paste" la respuesta, respondieron. Volveré a comprar. Saludos a quienes les haya servido esta experiencia. Chile Oktober 2016 10 4 9 7.67
 First order and so happy. Was nervous spending any money online for seeds with credit card etc, but all worked like Amazon.. easy to use and happy that my seeds arrived as promised. So many people say its dodgy to buy online.. dumbasses.. will be setting them straight and Original Seeds seem to be the best place to buy seeds for me. So well done guys, Im converted. Vereinigtes Königreich Oktober 2016 10 10 10 10.00
 First order from Original Seeds. Found their site through Rollitup and it looks smart, great range and prices are decent. Placed an order with credit card, all good.

Order was shipped within 4 hours of placing the order (placed in the morning, shipped that afternoon ) so cant complain at all. Good service and all very professional, got update emails etc with my tracking number.

Seeds arrived this morning in the post so Im really happy.

Vereinigtes Königreich September 2016 10 9 9 9.33
 If u dont choose stealth delivery the put seeds between pages of pamphlet. Seeds were crushed upon delivery. Never received replacement after showing pic of crushed seeds. Said seeds would be in original breeder package--they werent.first and last with them. Vereinigte Staaten September 2016 8 9 3 6.67
 Keep coming back to Original Sensible, tried some other sources in the last year but their new site is very nice and keep hearing good things, so thought Id try them again.

Seems the site, delivery, correspondence etc is all really slick. Checked on the order a day later and had a reply through their "helpdesk" thing within a few hours. Seeds arrived this morning so all sweet with me :)
Vereinigtes Königreich September 2016 10 9 10 9.67
 They just took my money sent an invoice that seems to only appear in my email cause when i check their site it can not be foynd!

Try the email they have on the site its not working and of course the email they sent you cant reply to them. So overall they have taken money from me for nothing i feel robbed!

They never sent me confirmation of delivery! They took payment and after 6 days no reply nothing. Trying to contact these guys is a mess!

This is unacceptable for this company to have payment so long and i have not received any idea if i
Am going to get the items or not!

Very disappointed!

I know this a thief shall Never prosper not in this life or the next one!

  August 2016        
 I think there a little slow, but the seeds where free but the plant did Ok no real problems but not strongest seeds for some reason. Anything from them didnt make a ton of THC. I might use them again depending price Vereinigte Staaten Juni 2016 7 8 9 8.00
 Seeds never showed up! They keep telling me to wait a few more days. Then stopped responding to order status requests!!! Vereinigte Staaten Juni 2016        
 almost two months ago I sent payment,cash in letter 130 eur,to OSSC,never received seeds,on my account in OSSC still standing "pending",they answered to me that did not received payment at all,same day I sent payment to them and to seed bank from England(sens.seeds),they received money in four,five days and I received seeds few day later,i have been ordering from many seed banks(nirvana,AMS,,seed doctor,sens.seeds and some other banks and never happened to me this before,all seed banks received my letters with payment in couple days,STAY AWAY FROM OSSC,if it is seed bank at all at that adress,i do not believe that it is possible not to receieve adressed letter in 21st century in western europe,DO NOT SHOP AT "ORIGINAL SENSIBLE SEEDS",if it is seed bank at all,you can send money to them but you will never receive any seeds,ANTE from CROATIA. Kroatien Juni 2016        
 dont listen to the people who complain about OSSC..they are absolutely 100% legit. My first order was siezed. i did the shipment insured and it took a full month to get the package, and i could not track it... nice note inside of mail interception. this is NOT because of OSSC, it is because of the USPS. their shipment was very very discreet, just must have gotten x came into custom in NY. the second shipment i did the absolute best shipping option cost WAY too much hehe, but low and behold, no seize, no hold, took 5 business days to get from them to me. OSSC had STELLAR communication through their ticketing system (always responded within 24 hours)..worked with me to get what i ordered they way i ordered it. doesnt matter, but the tshirt i got is REALLY nice too, my smaller friend will dig it hehe. havent germinated yet, but all beans look viable, nothing crushed...and im pretty sure i was able to bring some unknown strains here to Washington...cant rate the productquality since it will take a month to know how good the beans are, but as of right now, i couldnt be more satisfied with OSSC. Vereinigte Staaten April 2016 5 10 10 8.33
 I got my package opened it and nothing was in it. I contacted them four times in two weeks they finally emailed me and said they could give me a credit and I was dumbfounded. I paid to have the shipment garanteed to be delivered it cost me close to fifty dollars more to do this and they tell me that crap I am so pissed off. I will never order from them again. They need better cs skills and all around terminology in their shipping. Vereinigte Staaten März 2016   6 0 3.00
 Really excellent service, communication and speedy delivery, stealth was also tops. Can absolutely recommend these folks. Will be back in the future! Thanks! H Deutschland Februar 2016 10 10 10 10.00
 Ive used 3 seed banks over a decade, never had one shipment intercepted. Switched to OSSC this year, first shipment was intercepted. Received the package with a fake Customs printout in it. It was not seized by U.S. Customs, it was not a legit Customs document, words were misspelled and half the fields were left blank, the package was torn open and resealed (poorly) with scotch tape. Seems like a scam operation. Avoid OSSC. Vereinigte Staaten Februar 2016   0 0 0.00
 I ordered last year no problem. i was completely very happy and wanted more. This year they rejected my credit card. i used another and they rejected it. Next day i heard from the 2 credit card companies that they had tried to buy stuff at Sams Club, Walmart and pay a mortgage. not only that they tried to steal my identity and applied for all kinds of credit. I had to cancel all my cards and accounts and start over. The original Sesnsible Seed Co. Dezember 2015 10 0 0 3.33
 Got everything I ordered. They said it may take up to 30 days for international shipments. I received mine in 10 days. Seeds were in a stealth envelope. Will order from them again. Canada November 2015   9 9 9.00
 I had an issue with the customs people, they intercepted the seeds. I contacted OSSC thru there ticket system. They state it could take a day for a response. I had shipping dept contact me an hour later.They offered me a store credit for the full amount, and was offered an alternative shipping method, and suggestions on what I could do for the next shipment. This worked out great for, me as I had changed my grow, and seed requirements.It took about 6 business days. The super stealth worked. Not only did I get my 25 free seeds, but some very choice extras.There immediate response, and constant communication thru this was excellent. I will continue to buy from them. USA November 2015 10 10 10 10.00
 I also experienced what others have complained. I received a small padded envelope about 16 days after ordering seeds from this company. The package only contained a form "Mail Interception Notice" supposedly from the US Department of Agriculture saying the contents had been "Removed and Destroyed". The tape on the outside of the package was clear packing tape (rather than the green security tape commonly used by government agencys. There was no notice on the outside of the package from any government entity. The letter identified the contents as "Cannibis Sativus". The spelling was incorrect (Sativus rather than Sativa). My address was misspelled on the form. There was no signature in the signature block on the form. There was no stamp on the letter.

Based on my research of normal Department of Agriculture seizure procedures, I believe the letter was fake. I do not believe the Dept/Ag will declare the species of the plant material without testing.

I paid Original Sensible Seeds for Guaranteed delivery. My understanding is that Guaranteed delivery means they will reship if the product does not arrive for any reason.

I have attempted to contact the merchant many times by email but I receive no response. I cannot locate any other means of contact.

While I cannot prove that the Department Of Agriculture Confiscation situation is a scam, I find it suspicious that many other US buyers have reported the same experience both on this site and elsewhere on the internet.

Based on my experience I would recommend avoiding this seller.
USA Oktober 2015 0 8 0 2.67
 I read about OSSC shipping out empty envelopes with a fake US Customs letter inside....Well I got one of these. You know its fake when there is no green US Customs tape on the package !!!! My uncle works for Customs in Chicago and I asked him about the suspicions letter with no green tape.... he informed me it was a scam and fake. OSSC are bogus as they come ... thats pretty low. USA August 2015   1 1 1.00
 I ordered twice from this company and everything arrived as intended. Internet site Juli 2015 8 10   9.00
 I placed two orders about 3 weeks apart this spring. Both were delivered to my mailbox in about 3 weeks in Ohio, USA. Everything is as ordered and as expected, no more bag seed for me. I used bit coin and that worked perfectly also. Over 85% germination which is good to great. The Original Senible Seed Co Juni 2015 9 10   9.50
 I sent my cash payment to them and paid for the stealth shipment with no tracking on 4/28 as they recommended. On 5/6 I received notification that they had received my payment. I must say that at first I was concerned because their site says they process orders in 1 to 3 days and I heard nothing. On 5/15 I got a notification that my order had been processed and mailed. Yesterday (5/21) I had an OMG moment my order sitting in a discrete pkg. in my hands! I expected 4-6 weeks, I even paid the Post Office for the $25 option (they are located in Spain and I am in the Midwest) so my payment would reach them in about 6-7 days to speed things up. Then low & behold Im saying OMG, and Im not an OMG person, in less than a month with a discrete package in my hand. What can I say other than Im pleasantly surprised when the time comes they will have my business. The only downside is my timetable, and when Ill be able to start em.

USA Mai 2015   10   10.00
 DO NOT ORDER FROM OSSC IF YOU LIVE IN US! If your package doesnt make it to you, you lose all your money. I have been waiting on my package for over two months. When I asked the company for refund or to resend, they offered me a $16 credit towards my next I already spent $150 and never received my order, then they credit me $16 and expect I will place another order. So not only do they have bad business ethics, but they are ignorant and think their customers are as well. Online April 2015   5 5 5.00
 I ordered $213 in seeds from these guys an they did not respond for over a week.
I complained through their website and didnt hear from them for another week.
They told me that they had a problem with their mail server.
Finally they confirmed shipment and I received a package from them about 10 days later.
The package had a form letter from the Department of Agriculture informing me that the contents had been confiscated. I informed Sensible seeds and they credited 50 percent of the purchase price to my account on their website. I have never had anything confiscated when using Attitude seeds. The form from the Department of Agriculture had different font style and font size for the order info than the rest of the form had. The order information was poorly formatted with extra spaces and empty lines between the info.
I think these guys filled out the form and sent it to me. I think that their offer of 50 percent is crap. They claim to guarantee their product and the offer 50 percent in return. They told me in their email that they have the most secure shipping methods anywhere. Clearly that is wrong otherwise I would have my order. I will never do business with these criminals ever again.

original sensible seeds April 2015 0 0 0 0.00
 Innerhalb einer Woche gut verpackt geliefert
Hab nur 2Packs(9 Samen) geordert, trotzdem noch 9 Bonusseeds erhalten.
Ich kann den Shop empfehlen
Germany April 2015 8 10 10 9.33
 Great comunication and quality seeds. They also send great free seeds. montenegro April 2015 10 9 10 9.67

The Original Sensible Seed Co. April 2015        
 Great Seeds at Great Prices and Super fast Stealth Delivery
just tell your Bank to allow International orders on your Credit Card before ordering
California April 2015 10 10   10.00
 Order was a $300 order and the processing speed was horrible, I had to send an email in order the get my order shipped. Once shipped the packing was terrible, nothing discreet about it. Probably the worst packing and shipping ever. Order was intercepted by customs and I have not received a reply from The Original Sensible Seed Co.

I chose the guaranteed delivery option which cost me more but doesnt seem to mean anything.
The Original Sensible Seed Co. April 2015 0 0 0 0.00
 I am very happy ,with them ,   Februar 2015 10 10   10.00
 This place was AWSOME! I received my order on time. Every thing I received sprouted and is what they said it was for strain! The free seeds allowed me some awesome harvests of potent and exotic strains outside of what I ordered! AAA   Februar 2015 10 9 10 9.67
 2 of 3 orders were intercepted at JFK. NOV 2014 and Jan 2015. Great stuff but if the orders dont make it thats not good. usa Februar 2015 9     9.00
 Bad service. Do NOT use cards for payment here.   Februar 2015     0 0.00
 Pretty satisfied overall with my experience using this seedbank USA Februar 2015 10 8 9 9.00
 From them, I made another order them, and even that was satisfactory.
Soon I will make another.
And I recommend you take a look, their acquisition program credits.
Very, very beneficial.
ITALY Februar 2015 10 10 10 10.00
 I got my seeds in 10 days with some free seeds, very nice to me their very honest   Januar 2015 10 10   10.00
 Im real happy, I got what I ordered in 10 days ,and it was awesome ,for some reason they gave me 4 extra paxs of seeds free,no problems ,cant tell you how happy I am so far,now to try and sprout them ,   Januar 2015 10 10   10.00
 It took over a month to receive my order. When i did get it, i found a us customs paper saying they had confiscated it and i may be charged with criminal actions. Still no word back from them... i ordered 3 diff strains. Spent and lost about $100. Januar 2015     0 0.00
 Was real excited and even asked about me sending more $ to make sure safe, yet the Spain Gov confiscated the beans anyways. Read on line on how great they where to everyone else with missing beans, yet they only giving me 50% of my finances back and it doesnt even cover shipping. Pretty upset yet great to know what happened to beans and that they will give 50% back. Its just not enough money anymore and losing priceless time
:-(. I would be more than happy to buy an object or repay for shipping, but cutting my price of what payed for the beans is not nice. Being a breeder I know the amount of seeds that are produced so please help me and Ill make it up to you in future
The original sensible seed Januar 2015     8 8.00
 They do not stealth their packages my order did not get thru customs and they only offered half credit I tried to use my credit for more seeds and delivery but they said I had to pay for delivery even tho I still had enough credit to pay for it
I should not have to pay for delivery when they cant even get my seeds past customs bad enough I lost half my money I will never use original sensible seeds again
  November 2014   6 6 6.00
 Seeds were send within 1 week, and all germinated except the autoflowers, but great customer service got back to me quick via email Vereinigte Staaten Oktober 2014 8 8 8 8.00
 All seeds ordered are growing well. Germinated real fast except one free auto seed. Delivery was within a week both times. Lots of great free seeds. Ready to see how the buds turn out. USA Oktober 2014 10 10   10.00
 I have since ordered one more time. They were out of one strain and it was back ordered. Which turned out to be a good thing. All my seeds, but that strain, was confiscated at the post office in NYC. The company did give me $25 credit, but my order included 8 free seeds that never got to me and the first part of the order was $48. So I lost out on the 8 Auto freebies and $14. I have credit there but it will be my last purchase from them. I am going to try some other place just for another try after getting my credit worth. USA Oktober 2014 10 10 4 8.00
 Never a problem with this seed bank ever. Some of the best freebies and giveaways out there. They also carry there on strain line which is top notch.   September 2014 10 10 10 10.00
 One seed was bad they gave me full credit USA August 2014 9 10 10 9.67
 i bought a pack of 5 of white rhino feminised seeds. I immediately planted three of the seeds looking forward to a good medical strain.

Two months later i find out that the seeds are male and worthless.
I have lung cancer and a tumor on the forearm, so you can imagine my disappointment at suddenly having no meds.

I need more seeds... but how can i buy from you?

collin e.
  Juli 2014        
 6 days from spain, always get goodies always get free seeds.   Juni 2014 10 10 10 10.00
 There shipping is quick and there prices are the best.   Juni 2014 10 10 10 10.00
 Being that I live in a country where the federal government doesn’t allow the importation of cannabis seeds, I had to do a lot of research before deciding where to spend my money. This seed bank was on several top 10 lists. After hours of scanning the various top 10 lists, I narrowed it down to this one and one other. Ultimately, I chose OSSC because of the number of breeders and strains available from single seed to bulk with some at a decent price. The other seed bank is still on my wishlist because they have a couple strains OSSC doesn’t have but the shipping is higher. I like OSSC’s flat shipping rate. The cheap shipping and crazy seed promotions is what caused me to buy from them. I made two purchases during their March Madness promotion. My first order was for 50 euro to get the 5 free feminized seeds. That combined with the free seed promotions from the breeders, I had a 17 feminized seeds of 7 strains for 70 USD! Unfortunately, that package was intercepted by customs. I emailed support a copy of the letter and they refunded me half the cost in in-store credit. Although, I would’ve rather them resend the package in better stealth packaging. I do think part of the problem was that it was mailed to a P.O. Box that was recently opened. So, those of you in the US, I would advise against using a P.O. Box to get your beans.
On to the rest of the positive, I did make an order 2 weeks after my first order because of a double seed weekend promotion. I sent these to my friend’s house in another city. They arrived in 12 days. I was really hoping they’d get to my P.O. Box just fine and I wouldn’t have to include her in my business long term, but I guess it’s worth the small sacrifice. When those arrived, they forgot to double my seeds. I used the ticket service after hours listed on the website for a response. Someone returned my email on a Sunday morning apologizing about the late delivery of my first order (I hadn’t received the interception letter yet.), thanking me for the delivery confirmation, and promising me the rest of my order would be sent the next business day. It arrived the next week.
On top of all of the crazy promotions and too many strains to grow in a lifetime, I give them a solid 4 stars since I did have a package intercepted and I only got half the refund. I saw another seed bank claiming to be willing to resend up to 3 times. I want that order! It took me 3 hours to craft that list to get as many free seeds as I bought.
Arkansas, USA Mai 2014 10 7 8 8.33
 Ordered from this company with shipping to Colorado multiple times over the last couple of years. Im always charged, wait a few days, then Im notified my order is filled. The tracking number supplied never works, however with patience as it passes through detainment at customs in NY, 3 weeks after ordering it usually shows up. At first the seeds were sent in their original fancy packaging. However, the lads at the company have had to get crafty with getting the orders past customs, so now the seeds are in tiny plastic ziplocks, individually labeled and hidden inside some kind of inane product; ive had mine sent in [XXX]. I dont mind skipping the fancy packaging if it means the seeds get here intact. I also dont know if the product is allowed to slide by customs because I live in a state where its legal. Either way, I always pay the extra $35 for full insurance on the package, if customs impounds it or its simply lost along the way, the company will reissue the order free of charge. Ive emailed the guys at the company a few times and always received a pretty prompt reply, once even being given a 15% off coupon for giving them positive feedback. Id recommend the company, but I may have been very lucky so far with them, as well as clever enough to just pay the extra charge for crafty packaging to avoid customs and insure its delivery.   Mai 2014 10 8 9 9.00
 I have ordered from a few seed banks and this is by far one of the best out there.   Mai 2014 10 9 10 9.67
 I liked ordering from them, free delivery worldwide, quite fast, also support replyis quick and customer-likely. Seeds quality is good, and they provide best free seeds worldwide! Ukraine April 2014 10 8 9 9.00
 2 orders no problems to midwest usa
Great customer service
USA April 2014 9 10 10 9.67
 Great freebies and customers service   April 2014 9 10 10 9.67
 I ordered 3 strains they scammed me out of almost $400. No answer to email then got a threatening response, they told me they would call local police on me said they dont ship seeds just brochures. Other users were right. USA April 2014 0 0 0 0.00
 Found these guys through Grasscity. Really like their site and selection. Saw an interview with one of the owners on Youtube, seems cool and people seem to like them a lot, good reviews etc.

Delivery in 8 days from order so fine by me, easy transaction and couldnt ask for much more, got 25 free auto seeds ( fem ) as well, all from top brands.

I think its cool that they breed their own seeds as well and have their original sensible seeds range which Im testing at the mo, pictures of grows Ive seen looks awesome so Im pumped to see how they turn out.
Laos April 2014 10 10 10 10.00
 Very good seed banks with lots of freebie, great prices, and probably the biggest list of the strains they have. Very good customer support, fast and stealth delivery. Recommendation for this one!   März 2014 10 10 10 10.00
 something has happened with this seed bank since last year . customer service seems to be nonexistent these days , wasnt always that way .   März 2014 10 5 0 5.00
 I am very sorry I made a negative premature statement about The Original Seed Company a couple of days ago. Just after posting my comment on this website, I received my order the following day. I believe however that there is a communication or if you like a customer service problem at OSSC in that they never send you an email confirming receipt of your order and when you send an enquiry email, they dont bother replying you. But on the whole I must say I am happy I got my order intact after nearly a couple of weeks. The future will tell if the stuff are of good quality or not. Oh, I must add that it was a guaranteed delivery I paid for.   März 2014 0 7 4 3.67
 I made an order a week ago for 7 Afgan Kush seeds. The day I ordered they charged my VISA card. After that, nothing. Many emails trying to confirm my order, no response. Very strange.   Februar 2014 0 0 0 0.00
 lost seeds to USPS (or so they say)
No support. No response to emails
Seems like scared rabbits running away down bunny trails
Will never buy from this cigar store Indian again
  Februar 2014 0 0 0 0.00
 ordered 3x over the past yr Ive been happy everytime   Januar 2014 8 10 8 8.67
 I ordered in dec, was shipped on jan 3rd , arrived in ny on jan 13th, sat there until jan 25th, when I got a package that had a lanyard and a note from us customs telling me better luck next time... after 3 days and 3 letters to ossc , I have received no reply , started looking around on the net and it seems theyve made the radar in ny , I found others in the same boat as I... I definitely would pass this place up for now USA Januar 2014 0 0 0 0.00
 they hand write their packages??? Vereinigte Staaten Dezember 2013 10 9   9.50
 Have ordered many times and always arrives quickly. Have got some good free seeds with my orders. Never a problem with germination. Always in original packs.   November 2013 10 10 10 10.00
 Seeds in 1 week, no issues, goodbfreebies TX USA November 2013 9 9 9 9.00
 Delivered in 8 days in Europe The Original Sensible Seed Co. Oktober 2013   8 8 8.00
 received a freebie pack of 8 El Alquimista with my order because it was over $150 USD   August 2013 10 9 9 9.33
 Excellent, plan to buy from them again.   Juli 2013 10 9 10 9.67
 have to say I was really impresses, good prices and great free seeds   Juni 2013 10 10 10 10.00
  Canada Oktober 2012 9 10 9 9.33

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