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5 Cannabis Sorten

Name der Sorte Sorte Location Blüte-Zeit (in Tagen) Feminisierte? Buy-Bar: Shop-Checker User-Bewertung
DP White Widow mostly sativa Indoor, Outdoor 55
Secret Weapon mostly sativa Indoor, Outdoor 60
Wet Dream indica/sativa Indoor, Outdoor 53
Wittow mostly sativa Indoor, Outdoor 70
Wolly Widow mostly indica Indoor, Outdoor 58

Informationen zu diesem Breeder:

We are a group of caregivers and patients here to bring cannabis connoisseurs and other caregivers/patients here on the East Coast the best of the best without the West., We focus in high TAC and high resin producing strains along with a variety of CBD hybrids. We are here to bring the best of both worlds together, high grade cannabis and some of the worlds best natural medicine!