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Universally Seeded

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Informationen zu diesem Breeder:

My name is Tommy, I’m a third generation farmer from Sebastopol California.
My family has been farming gravenstein apples for 100 years. I chose a different path. When I got out of the marines in 2009 I immediately went to work in cannabis. Starting out in Santa Cruz growing Afgani and SFV OG for a medical dispensary. 2010 -2014. I made Afgani Landrace seeds and Berry White Afgani seeds. In 2015 I decided to be a commercial farmer and grew an acre of Cannabis from 2015-2017. I started noticing a lot of similar strains and not much desire for something new from the industry.
In 2016 I created Sour Orange Puckers (Sour Diesel X Ultraviolence X Xenu) and Ultra Animal Cookies (Animal Cookies X Ultraviolence X Xenu) using pollen from Xenu seed from Cult Classic Seeds. In 2017 after knowing and working with Cult Classic Seeds on and off since 2010. Trading advice and information we decided to team up in the Tahoe mountains.
First thing we did together was make all the Freshies Crosses: Powder Cakes (Wedding Cake X Freshies), Eiffel Tower (Paris OG X Freshies), Bunny Slope (Strawberry Banana X Freshies), Freshmaker (Fruit Snacks X Freshies), Hitmaker (Motorbreath X Freshies), Hullabaloo (Birthday Cake X Freshies) and the Goodloving Crosses you have come to enjoy in 2017-2018.

2018 we created Unicorn Sherbert (Sherbert X Kurple Fantasy) and Wedding Fantasy (Wedding Cake X Kurple Fantasy) feminized line as well as the entire Powder Cakes regular line: Flocked Sherbert (Sunset Sherbert X Powder Cakes), Super Cakes (Super Dank X Powder Cakes), Snow Shoes (Cement Shoes X Powder Cakes) line which was pheno hunted from the Freshies X Wedding Cake. We still use these strains to this day.
End of 2018 all the at till 2021 we shifted focus onto Cement Shoes reversals. I grew the S1 Cement Shoes seeds, and I started collecting strains to reverse Cement Shoes. Stability and yield is our main focus with that line and it speaks for itself, over 50 strains are available. Then recently I have started focusing my time onto personal favorites for the future.
After separating Universally Seeded from Cult Classics Seeds branding in 2021 I reversed the Pink Runtz and Legend OG. Breeding the Powder Cake crosses into these lines and finally starting to create a stable system for you the grower to get a head start on your future.

I am Universally Seeded and welcome you to my world…