Southern Star Seeds

Southern Star Seeds

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Hier findest du alle Informationen über den Cannabis-Zücheter Southern Star Seeds. Wir haben Daten zu 20 Cannabis Sorten von Southern Star Seeds gesammelt. Klicke auf die Sorten um weitere Informationen, Bilder, Reviews, Vergleiche und Quellen zu finden - oder lies dir die Breeder Infos hier auf der Seite durch um mehr über Southern Star Seeds herauszufinden. Desweiteren ist es mit unseren dynamischen Karten auch möglich alle Southern Star Seeds Sorten zu visualisieren - inclusive all ihrer Eltern oder allen bekannten Hybriden!

Informationen zu diesem Breeder:

Southern Star Seeds is the result of many years of breeding and constant testing., It has been a passion that shows no sign of letting up anytime soon., The desire to create and improve genetics and produce exceptional varieties is the biggest motivator., The commitment to ensuring the highest quality work is done during breeding is reflected best in the strains desirable attributes and their suitability for many ailments., All stains are created to ensure genetic uniformity., Viability tests are carried out regularly to ensure an estimated germination rate of 90%-100%., Yields of each strain available are subject to the conditions under which they are grown, but a focus has been made on developing high yielding genetic varieties., There are no Auto-Flowering or Feminised seeds within the collection., Only Regular Seedstock.,