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Informationen zu diesem Breeder:

Freestyle breeding is taking what you have and making what you want. Combining smells, highs, growth patterns, and plant yield we create hybrids that are superior to the previous generations by forward breeding and recombining genetics to preserve rare and desirable characteristics. Bottle-necking is not something we wish to do with our projects as we like to keep genetic variation as wide as possible while selecting stand out phenotypes and hybrid vigor to use for selective breeding. We do not exclusively use any genetics as all cannabis breeders are put to the test in our grows to compare and contrast and ultimately to find the best of the best, and then find the best out of those. We have a very selective process for all of our plants making sure that we see vigor and most importantly our smells we want to have coming from our plants is the main detail. We want to provide plants that are very pleasing to the nose and that stimulate our olfactory memory. As humans we have evolved symbiotically along-side of cannabis, by using our 5 senses we have selected for desirable cannabis traits for thousands of years to bring us the quality we have today. Here at Rapper' Weed Genetics we strive to usher in the new era of cannabis genetics which have been selected by man for its most favorable characteristics. With all the new research surrounding terpines we realize that computer testing equipment could never be as complex of a measurement tool as the human mind, this is why we use our natural senses to choose for future generations. Our human olfactory memory glands have been smelling cannabis for thousands of years, each individual has a different recollection of the various scents. We use our senses here at Rapper' Weed Genetics which come from almost 15 years of consuming all the newest cannabis genetics from around the world, prior to breeding. When we use our nose we can guarantee quality by simply noticing the aroma therapy unique to our breeding. Habituation of the many distinctive cannabis smells that we perceive daily allow us to notice and bring attention to those that are rare to the bunch and that radiate smells that stand out in the garden.
Terpines are the smells and the healers of cannabis, we use a spiritual and metaphysical approach to creating our hybrids. Terpine profile breeding is what we focus on.