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Duppy Sensi Genetics

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Informationen zu diesem Breeder:

I am based in Italy, a land with an ancient hemp history. I’ve been growing cannabis for 20 years, but only since 2017 I decided to dedicated myself to one of the biggest projects I have ever envisioned. I am cultivating elite strains with enormous satisfaction and I want to share my products with the most demanding enthusiasts of peculiar strains.
Important goals are achieved with a focus that only comes from passion. Drawing on ancient as well as contemporary techniques has resulted in an achievement in seed growing genetics for the benefit of growers, researchers, and enthusiasts all over the world. The Selfed seeds products are created from a careful and rigorous selection of plants with a unique profile, and these plants have been carefully isolated and grown, so the seeds obtained will give life to plants from the best terpene characteristics, very effective for medical purposes, and present on different, well stabilized phenotypes.