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Name: LM-10
Züchter: All-in Medicinal
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: mostly sativa
Blütezeit: ~60 Tage
Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

All-in Medicinal Seeds - LM-10

LM-10 is a super-productive plant with dense buds and extreme quality.

This variety has a rapid growth, we recommend only 15 days of growth and change to flowering (because it will take a few days of growth at the photoperiod change). For their best performance we recommend outdoor growing (height between 2 and 3m). During cultivation there is a citrus aroma and makes it very special and recognisable.

Recommended for its medicinal use due to the THC percentage.

35% indica / 65% sativa
Genotype: New York City Diesel x Afghani
Yield: 500 gr/m2 indoor, 800-900 gr/plant outdoor
Flowering time: 55-65 days
THC: 21-22% / CBD: 0.7%
Effect: active, energetic
Taste: Citrus
Smell: Lemon, citrus

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