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Name: Amnesia Horrendus
Züchter: Jah Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: mostly sativa
Blütezeit: ~63 Tage
Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

Jah Seeds - Amnesia Horrendus

45% Indica 55% Sativa
THC Level: 18% -22%
CBD Level: Midle

Vegetative Period Interior: 3 to 7 weeks

Period flowering indoors: 60 to 67 Days

Production per m2 Interior: 450g to 600g depending on the type of crop and grower.

Period Outdoor flowering: this list from 10 October until the end of October.

Production Exterior: 2m Exceeds Kilo normally.

Exterior Height: 2m to 3m depending on the type of crop and grower.

Observations: This variety is something new in the world of cannabis it comes from the crossing of one of our best plants selected in 2001 Flavius Horrendus with Amnesia Haze as known worldwide...

Taste: Sweet Orange, Anise.

Effect: psychedelic, Strong.

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